about me

My dad & our shed

Hi, my name is James and I’m 13 years old. All the cat scratchers for sale on my site have been made by myself with the supervision of my dad. It started when I asked my dad if I could get a Saturday job or paper round to give me some money so I could treat myself to things. At 12 years old I was not able to get a Saturday job and my parents are not keen on me doing a paper round in the dark. I’ve always helped my dad in the shed making and fixing things since a young age (we even built the shed we work in).  My dad was thinking for something that he could teach me to make and after a few failed attempts we landed upon the cat scratchers.

He couldn’t believe the poor quality of the cat scratchers currently on sale in places like Argos etc that have been imported from either China or Europe. After numerous concepts my dad was extremely  happy with what we call the Basic sturdy cat scratcher. It comes in one size 660mm tall with a 400mm x 400mm base. 

Please do not be put off by my age, my dad has taught me about the quality that people deserve when buying the cat scratchers. All scratchers are QC checked (by both my mum & dad) before packaging for posting. 

I make approximately 20 scratchers per week. I hope you go ahead and purchase one and remember if your not 100%  happy please return within 14 days for a refund*.